With our dispute resolution/litigation services we offer representation at all levels and divisions of the courts of justice, especially the commercial courts.   Our team of lawyers specialise in disputes belonging to a wide range of disciplines, it does not matter whether you have a complicated share holder dispute or simpler cases we can always find the most effective and best course of action for you.

Our team also has experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as arbitration and mediation and many of them are accredited mediators themselves.  We specialise in:

  • Debt recovery
  • Property and Construction Disputes
  • Money claims
  • Claims for faulty goods or non-delivery of goods
  • Claims for poor standard of services or non-performance
  • International disputes, particularly where it involves, Nigeria, India, China and South Africa.
  • Arbitrations and mediation
  • Company and shareholders disputes


Our team of business lawyers can help you with the nitty-gritty of every day decision making right from the correct trading structure as well as agreements, procedure and processes so that you can protect your interest. If you decide to enter a business by buying a company, the benefits are numerous. We can support you through this process from the early stages of the purchase right from initial enquiry, negotiation and till the final offer. We also conduct due diligence on the business you are considering buying.

When your business grows, you may need to move ahead through acquisitions, mergers or former joint ventures. You can trust us to represent your interest.

We advise on issues such as:

  • Company formation
  • Joint ventures
  • Partnerships
  • Agency and distribution agreements
  • Business and share sales
  • Franchising
  • Outsourcing
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Service level agreements


We also offer  corporate services tailored to your needs, including formation of UK and off-shore companies (both bespoke and off the shelf) and the related corporate services, including opening bank accounts in the UK and off-shore, company secretarial services, registered offices in the UK or off-shore and administrative support, providing your company with a corporate presence in the UK or any other off-shore location without the usual associated running costs and with the advantages which UK or off-shore location brings, i.e. prestige, tax advantages, confidentiality or anonymity and flexibility.  We offer same day incorporation is jurisdictions such as

  • UK,
  • Belize
    • Cyprus
    • British Virgin Island
    • Delaware –LLC
    • Nevada – LLC
    • Antigua
    • Barbados
    • Liechtenstein (A.G.)
    • Liechtenstein (Anstalt)
    • St. Kitts & Nevis
    • Cayman Islands

to mention just of few. We are also able to open bank accounts in these jurisdictions.


We are a leading force in the field of Property Law with specialist property solicitors.  Our team has been engaged by contractors, developers, government departments and institutional clients through the years and we have built quite a reputation in residential, industrial, retail, office and leisure land development.


We have advised property developers on development projects from land acquisition to submission of planning application and negotiations with Local authorities. Our services include:

  • Commercial leases
  • Sublease
  • Assignment of lease
  • Licences
  • Rent review
  • Dilapidations
  • Landlord & Tenant matters

We offer also offer property finding, mortgage sourcing and management services for our international clients who wish to purpose properties in the UK.


We provide real time advice and focused support for difficult employment law problems. We always provide practical support throughout the process.


Our employment solicitors appreciate the need for swift and decisive action and work closely with you to establish your commercial objectives and the best way of achieving them quickly, cost-effectively and with minimum possible risk and disruption to your business.

Owner-managers without internal HR support trust our proactive advice which gets them the right results without having to navigate through the minefield of employment law legislation.

HR managers and directors value the support we provide to their team. They appreciate our understanding of the pressures they face, of balancing internal demands for immediate action against the possible risk of litigation. We act as a sounding board and offer support and guidance on how to implement the best strategy while managing both risk and management expectations.

We advise on issues such as:

  • Discrimination and equal opportunities
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Director termination and severance
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Disciplinary hearings and unfair dismissal
  • Compromise agreements
  • Redundancy
  • Employment contracts
  • TUPE


We are one of the very few practices in London with a dedicated Charity law team.  Our team of charity law lawyers represent some of the leading high profile Charities in the country. Our team of charity law solicitors bring a fresh approach to advising Charities on issues such as:

  • Charity and charitable company formations
  • Constitution and governance
  • Trustee issues
  • Funding and commercial arrangements
  • Dealing with regulators
  • Charity property matters
  • Takeovers, amalgamations and international joint ventures of charitable organisations
  • Charity commission review visits
  • Preventative charity procedures
  • Responding to charity commission investigations
  • Conversation of unincorporated charity

We have a real understanding of those issues which confront benevolent, charitable and not for profit (philanthropic) organisations. Our Charity Law solicitors speak the same language as the Charities we represent and we understand how crucial our legal advice is to our clients. We know how to put that advice into practice with a wealth of practical experience for charities at local, regional and national level.


Our team of Immigration advisors on business & corporate immigration matters, we have advised investors and entrepreneurs on various types of entry and settlement visas.  With our expertise in business immigration law, we will guide and support employers and individuals through their obligations under the “points based” system of immigration. The points-based system only applies to applicants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland

Our team of immigration law solicitors provide advice and representation on all aspects of European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland immigration law. We will advise on how EEA and Swiss nationals and their family members (whether or not they are EEA or Swiss nationals themselves) can come to live in and work in the UK.

We also offer advice on the legal duties and obligations of employer sponsors and education sponsors under the points based system. Our corporate clients range from small start-ups to medium international organisations. Our objective is to clarify your business requirements and find the right solution for your needs.

Whether you are an employer looking to hire an overseas national, a skilled professional considering furthering your career in the UK, or a student contemplating a period of study at one of the UK’s universities, we can advise and support you at all stages of the immigration process.


Our team of Sports law solicitors understand the pressure on our sports stars both on and off the field.  Our Sport law experts understand that sports stars have a relatively short playing career; hence the need to maximize opportunities during their playing career and prepare for life thereafter.  If your solicitors do not appreciate this, you should be talking to us.

The media has always had an insatiable desire for gossip, scandal and private information regarding revered and adored sports stars and a media attack can affect sports stars on and off field activities. The effects can be enormous and, as well as being personally very damaging and distressing and can also erode fan confidence and commercial value.  Therefore, the need to protect brands and reputations to help provide a stable and secure future is crucial.  It is therefore important to manage media relations.  If your solicitors do not appreciate this, you should be talking to us.

We provide a full service to sports clients ranging from agency services and commercial representation. The scope of our work is extremely varied.  We advise on:

  • on-field matters (such as player contracts, transfers, registration issues and disciplinary actions)
  • sporting authority disciplinary and arbitration proceedings
  • regulation of participants by sports governing bodies
  • off-field matters (such as immigration matters, image rights and development of commercial interest, tax planning, property and asset management)